The Habit of Courtesy

The Habit of Courtesy

Champions practice being courteous because they understand that the Martial Arts begins and ends with respect.Black Belt manners and courtesy is like a code of conduct among Martial Artists: it's a sign of confidence, respect and humility.

 Have you ever been treated rudely? Anyone ever say something insulting to you? Have you ever been made to feel unwelcome somewhere?

 If so, then you can understand the importance of this week's message - and why it's so critical that we treat others with politeness and dignity. It goes for the people we know the best, as well as those we know the least.

 Don't be exclusionary...be inclusionary.

 What would it say about our school if a new student was treated poorly by a senior one? It's very likely that they wouldn't return - we would all lose out on a new training partner, a new friend and a potential black belt.

Anytime you meet someone new in the dojo or your class, give them a warm greeting and make sure they feel welcome.

 Respect and courtesy is a habit - and so is the lack of it. Like any good routine, courtesy must be practiced daily, both on and off the mats. Whenever you greet someone, be the first to offer your hand for a polite greeting. Look them in the eye. Smile. Be friendly.

The bow is one of the very first things you learn when you begin training in the Martial Arts. It has been a tradition for thousands of years, and a reminder about courtesy which separates us from most other activities.

It sometimes seems like the rest of the world has forgotten the value of this simple act.

Being courteous and respectful is a great way to make a strong first and lasting impression on others. It is a quality that will benefit any relationship, personal or professional.

Be a Model of Respect & Courteous Behavior!

By Shihan Gene Dunn

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