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The martial art of Kempo is considered to be one of the most innovative systems of martial arts practiced today. It is known as an “eclectic” style and selects the best of various methods, or styles.  Kempo is by nature, and from it's inception, a progressive style and in itself, a traditional Mixed Martial Art.

Kempo has always sought to incorporate different philosophies and ideas into practice. Expanding its purpose from health maintenance to self-defence and finally as a method of self-development, philosophy and lifestyle.

Of all the major Martial Arts styles, Kempo’s origin and history are the least understood.  It takes predominantly from Japanese Karate and Chinese Wushu.

Often referred to as Kempo Karate, Kempo most directly translates to 'Fist Law'.  Karate, however translates to 'Open (or empty) Hand' and relates generally to unarmed combat forms originating in Japan. 

The terms given to Chinese martial arts as they are “Kung-Fu" or "Wushu".  From the Chinese perspective each of the above names in general describes the same martial arts. Wushu literally means "martial art". It is formed from the two words Wu meaning, "martial", "Fighting" or "military", and Shu which translates into "discipline", "skill" or "method." 

So where does the Kempo we teach originate?

At Coastal Martial Arts, we train in Kaigan Bujutsu, a slight variant of Loong Chi Do Kempo.  Loong Chi Do translates to 'The Way of the Powerful Dragon' and is a system designed by Kyoshi Davis Massey 7th Dan.  Kyoshi Davis has taken from more than 30 years training in Shotokan, Jui Jitsu, Kempo, Wushu and Loong Fu Pai to develop a system of Kempo based heavily in Self Defence.  

This system is continually being developed into Kaigan Bujutsu by Shihan Dave Durman 5th Dan, utilising his training since 1982 in Shotokan, Judo, Jui Jitsu and Kempo. Kaigan Bujutsu literally translates to Coastal Martial Arts and Shihan Dave Durman is continually training internationally and refining the syllabus to take on the best that martial arts has to offer.

Our self defence system is grounded in simple gross motor skills that can be performed easily under pressure by anyone, against any attacker and provides for different levels of force to match the estimated threat.

This is a fun but effective system that covers short and middle range stand up, take downs, ground fighting and weapon systems. A true all rounder.

Our school keeps close ties with both the Loong Chi Do founder Kyoshi Massey 7th Dan  and the founder of Loong Fu Pai, Kancho Terry Lim 10th dan.

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