In Schools


School motivational talks and classes

We have a lot of experience at  giving talks that can complement your school curriculum and can tailor small courses to cover topics you would like to cover.

What we can do for your school?
  • We supply all of the instructors, equipment and facilities or attend your school.
  • Engage children in a fun and positive way.
  • We  can incorporate any of your schools policies
  • We encourage respect for teachers and parents
  • We improve your students confidence 
  • We improve your students listening skills
  • Bully Busting Seminars

    Our Program teaches children

  •  What bullying is
  •  That bullying in any form is not acceptable
  •  What to say when being bullied 
  •  Techniques to stop people from bullying 
  •  How to use voice and body posture to show confidence
  •  How to avoid being hit, if someone hits them (and not to hit back)
  •  Advice on who to speak to if bullying occurs.
  • In school fund raising.

    As a community service in our local area we offer a 6 week one day per week program to raise money for your P&C. 


    Please contact us for more information.


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