Childrens Martial Arts Programs

Great for school readiness!


Our kids only program is for 4 - 7 year olds.  We focus on gross motor skills, stranger safety, balance Co-ordination Discipline and lots of fun.  

We use disguised learning to teach your child focussed Self Defence that will help them escape from an attacker should they ever be in a danger situation. Our aim is to make them 'Prickly' so that any one trying to target them will think they're too hard a target and move on. Preferably as a result of doing our training, your child will display enough confidence that they won't be targeted at all.

Your child will learn basic self defence skills and more importantly, respect, courtesy and honesty. This program leads straight into our Family and 7+ classes where students continue their journey to Black Belt.

Young Dragons

7yr+ Kempo classes are set in the early afternoon for kids aged 7 to 11 years old. These are 45 minute classes on our full Kempo syllabus with smaller student to instructor ratio and more disguised learning. Perfect for kids with no experience or progressing from the under sevens program.  

Parents aren't left out here though.  You're welcome to train with your kids and our instructors will make sure you're suitably challenged.  

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