Enrol Kids Now Ages 4+

Dragonite Program is now 4 times a week!

We are enrolling for our 4-7 year olds program.  Come down every Weekday except Thursday at 3:30pm to enroll your child in classes.

Classes commence at 3:45pm. There are always staff available for you to come down and have a chat, meet the instructors and get your uniforms ready to go.

Our kids only program is for 4 - 7 year olds.  We focus on gross motor skills, stranger safety, balance Co-ordination Discipline and lots of fun.  

We use disguised learning to teach your child focussed Self Defence that will help them escape from an attacker should they ever be in a danger situation. Our aim is to make them 'Prickly' so that any one trying to target them will think they're too hard a target and move on. Preferably as a result of doing our training, your child will display enough confidence that they won't be targeted at all.

Your child will learn basic self defence skills and more importantly, respect, courtesy and honesty. This program leads straight into our Family and 7+ classes where students continue their journey to Black Belt.

This is a great school preeration program for any kids going into "Big school" next year and now is the time to get them started.

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